Brimstone Forge is a blacksmith specializing in historically accurate weaponry

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Welcome to Brimstone Forge. Our goal is to provide our clients with historically accurate reproductions of weaponry used throughout history. We strive for accuracy in appearance, function and blacksmithing techniques so that our pieces are as close to historically correct as we can make them.

We will do our best to tackle any request from our clients. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. If you are seriously interested in contracting us to create a piece for you, prior contact for a consultation on the piece to meet your needs and desires is a must. We will entertain any challenge but our expertise is in weaponry from Northern Europe from the Medieval period through the Renaissance. We also have experience with nautically themed weaponry from typical pirate weapons to military and dress weaponry through the 19th century.

We are passionate about our work and take great pride in what we do. We welcome the chance to apply our skills to providing you with a piece that will meet all of your needs. Whether you are looking for an accurate replica for re-enactments or merely a costume weapon for faires or theatrical presentations. We are equipped to meet your needs.

We also volunteer our services at several historical and theatrical events in the area. We are proud to provide historically accurate blacksmith services to state and national hirstorical sites in the area. We provide educational blacksmith services at the following locations.

Come see us in person, regularly at Ft. Mifflin's forge!

School groups looking for educational enrichment opportunities can also visit Brimstone Forge at Barclay Farmstead Museum

Please check out our Facebook page where we regularly update what events we will be attending! We hope to see you at all of the events supporting Brimstone Forge and those who support us!

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